The Little Engineer Who Codes

You might become a millionare today

Or you might die

Life is incredibly unpredictable, life can be extraordinarily unbearable, and life can be extraordinarily pleasant. Life is neither relaxing nor stressful at the core; life is simply what we make of it. People who choose to put stress at the center of their lives as opposed to relaxing pursuits are deciding how they choose to live their own life. But life itself does not have a very specific meaning in a metaphorical sense.

Everybody has a very different definition of an ideal life. There isn't any problem with this. Of course, I would personally disagree with many lifestyles, and there are many people who disagree with my personal lifestyle. But I will not go as far as to say that these people with dramatically different beliefs are wrong, and for the sake of harmony, I hope that these people do not see my lifestyle as wrong. Fundamentally, very few people agree completely on what life is. Not what life means, why we are here, or how to live an ethical, happy life; simply what life is.

Despite the huge differences between lives and views of life, there is nevertheless a universal aspect of life: life is volatile.

Anything can change in an instant

Within anarchy, life is incredibly volatile. If nobody tries to prevent violence, there will unfortunately be violence. If nobody promotes equality, there will be inequality. Thankfully, conditions are not so poor within modern societies; an effective government will create some degree of stability within a society. In the United States, the country in which I live, there is a great deal of stability. In any scenario, everyone has the responsibility to try to create stability in their life and the lives of others, but on a large scale, this is a government.

But even here, nobody can escape this fundamental part of life! I am writing this at night time, and while it is highly unlikely, it is possible that I might become a millionare tomorrow. I also might become seriously injured. Short of living within a "utopian" society (which is likely dystopic objectively), it is impossible to guarantee perfect stability, no matter who someone is or how important they are.

There is no need to escape

Frankly, trying to guarantee oneself perfect happiness forever is a terrifying idea to me. Perhaps it sounds a bit masochistic, but I simply do not feel a need to escape. While I will definitely experience some tragic event at some point in my life, I will probably not experience this event tomorrow. The only way to live a happy life at all, noting that these events will inevitably come, is to be happy tomorrow (and the day after tomorrow--- actually every day of your life, other than when these few events do occur). Please, try to live a happier life: spend time with the people---not the things--- that matter to you, today, while you still have them with you. Anything can change in an instant.

A few confessions myself

I am personally guilty of many of my warnings from this post. But for this section of my blog, I will make a small attempt at bettering myself and my life.

To my parents, scientifically you are the most important people in my life. And yes, this holds true mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Although I may challenge you at times, I do want you to know I love you unconditionally; for the times when I have lost sight of this, I am sorry. Although I can't promise it won't happen again; I am a teenager after all.

To my best friend who has just lost one of her family members, I offer you my condolences. While I did not know him, I do know that the two of you had good times together. Please try to remember those times instead of only grieving. I wish I could say something a bit more helpful, but I can't, so I simply want you to know I love you with all my heart, and there is very little you could say to change this.

To my "crush" (I don't have a particularly good word to describe how I view you... another blog post?), you know who you are. I want to tell you for the first time that I love you here, because that would be adorable. That said, I've already said "I love you" for the first time to you, so..... I still love you <3

To my furry best friend who walks on four legs, love you, too, pal. Don't worry, I counted you as a person when I talked about people in this post.

To my mentor in ethics and engineering simulatenously, I cannot thank you enough for your help with setting me on the right track. I know that you were in a position very similar to me when you were my age, and it has helped me tremendously to have the advice that you had to learn the hard way. While our conversations have been entirely virtual so far, and neither of us knows what the other's voice sounds like, you did change my life in a very tangible way, so... I guess I still can say I love you? :-)

To all of my friends and acquaintences, I apologize for making some mistakes in our relationships. I want you to know that I do try to be positive and nice to each one of you, but after all, I am still far from perfect. Love ya!

And finally, to myself, please try to remember that there is more to this world than a student's grades and an employee's salary. You (I?) really ought to write more posts and make more confessions like this. But overall, I think you're a pretty sweet girl :-) Yes, future self, I love you too.

And a note to all of my readers

If you are still reading this, then yes, I love you, too. <3 (sometimes I do feel like I'm writing to a void....)